Deb 2ltr Dispenser For Hd Scrub

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Deb Stocko Heavy Duty Cleanser Dispenser can be mounted on a wall in a kitchen or bathroom area for easy access. Once the dispenser is empty, it can easily be filled with a new refill cartridge. It has a wide push pump system that makes it easy to receive wash liquid without making a mess.
This is a 4 L dispenser and can be refilled with 4 L cartridges.
It can be used in areas like bathrooms, kitchens and food service areas.
This dispenser has a unique locking system to help prevent unauthorised access and contamination.
It has a fixed dosage so that it will deliver the exact amount required, reducing waste.
It can be mounted on a wall for easy accessibility.
It has an easy to use large push button system to dispense the liquid wash.
It has a mess free design that won't clog or drip.
This dispenser is fitted with a sight window which indicates the level of liquid inside which helps to identify when the cartridge needs to be replaced.
It has a purple and white design and is colour coded to the matching cartridges to make it easy to identify the correct refill.
No wastage: The air-tight cartridges are designed to collapse during use ensuring fullevacuation of product with no wastage.