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Sani Smart revolutionary sanitary bins are a safe, cost-effective and functional solution for your sanitary disposal needs. Our innovative design means there's less cleaning, cost savings and self managing, making your business cleaner and safer. If being green is on your agenda, you'll appreciate our energy efficient and environmentally friendly approach to reducing the carbon footprint on sanitary waste.

Self Manageable
Theres no need to regularly service or completely replace your entire unit with a new sterilised unit. Our innovative sanitary bins come with a disposable lid and liner cartridge that holds all the sanitary waste. Simply lift and remove, and replace the biodegradable cartridge as required.

Eco Friendly
Our bins are designed to reduce the impact on our environment. Our biodegradable cartridges are easily disposed of and dont require cleaning, saving on energy use and reducing emissions from what would otherwise require regular servicing and transportation of bin replacements.

Affordable Pricing
We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. We can tailor a package to suit your requirements and size of your business. Request a free no obligation quote and see how we compare!