Agar Detergent Superforce Concentrate 1ltr

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Concentrated heavy duty cleaner and deodorant, ? safe on all washable surfaces.

Will Remove
All soils including dirt, food spills, greasy, oily films, fat, carbon and smoke deposits, ink spills, bathroom buildups.

Will Clean
All surfaces not harmed by water including all floors, polished vinyl, tiles, walls, car tyres, upholstery, venetian blinds, glass, porcelain, kitchen ducting and stainless steel.

Main Benefits
Highly active cleaner, sanitiser, deodorant. Dilutes up to 1 in 160.
Concentrated ? goes further than other cleaners.
Suspends dirt and soil ? won?t redeposit onto floor.
Effective in hot or cold water: no rinsing necessary
Low suds ? ideal for autoscrubbers.
Works equally well in hard water.

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