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Urinals are the fastest way to move a large volumes of urine from the human body into the sewerage system, however, with sometimes up to 20 men using the washroom at once this can lead to very unpleasant smells reminding your customers that it is a dirty establishment.

These odours are mainly the result of a build up of uric salt scale and biofilm of bad bacteria. The buildup reduces the flow through your pipes over time. New urinals and pipes don?t have this build up and that is why they smell clean for the first two to three months.

To maintain your urinals and pipes as new, you need to ensure that good, friendly optomised bacteria is in your pipes continually going to work and breaking down the biofilm and uric salts allowing all the bad bacteria, and smells to flow quickly to their destination.


Reminds you when to change it ? simply pull off the date tabs upon installation to remind you when to change the air freshener
15 x more fragrance, which is gradually released over 60 days. Contains more than twice the fragrance of look-alike screens
Eliminates odours ? Releases billions of optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odours
Revolutionary design ? longer protrusions on top release fragrance & reduces splashback, cutting cleaning time by up to 50% and saving you money
Translucent Flexible Design ? Allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow while trapping debris
Recommended by the #1 manufacturer of waterless urinals
Meets the ?Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials? criteria under the LEED point management system